If you’ve considered setting up your own home cinema surround sound system then you definitely will most likely have come across the different options in terms of the number of surround sound stations. In case you choose a 5.1 setup that gives you 2 encompass stations or maybe a 7.1 setup which gives you 4 encompass channels? If this is already sounding a bit confusing for you personally then don’t be concerned as this information is going to obviously set the differences involving the two and allow you to know which option will function best for you.

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How Many Home Movie theater Encompass Sound Stations Do You Require?

The reply to this question will almost certainly lie mainly with the size of the room and readily available space you must work together with. Whenever you go to a mainstream cinema you see that there are generally lots of surround sound speakers heading round the edges and behind where you’re seated. The explanation for this is to compensate for the size of the room and to make sure that everyone receives a good film experience.

Now once we translate this to some house movie theater encompass seem setup then you can observe that the amount of encompass speakers will certainly be a great deal much less. Typically you are going to find that a 5.1 setup which gives you 2 stations of encompass sound will be more than sufficient. For those who have a more substantial space and the room is for a longer time then you may reap the benefits of a 7.1 setup which has 4 stations.

So, Which Setup Is Much Better?

One thing to note is the fact that even in a 7.1 setup the 4 encompass stations are just fed from the same outputs so they all are getting the exact same impulses coming from the film soundtrack. Each of the system is doing is creating 4 stations away from 2 which means you are certainly not truly getting so much more information or sound reproduction.

So the answer to which can be better is solely going to be determined by which setup works best for you given your living area size. In case you have a very large space then you might need to look at 9.1 stations or maybe more. This can be something which can be determined from a brief consultancy together with your house cinema expert.

What Does the ‘Point 1’ Represent In 5.1?

When we are speaking about home cinema surround seem channels and in fact any home cinema audio setup the initial number always refers back to the main speakers inside your system. This will usually contain 3 primary front side speakers on the remaining, center and right of your screen. You will then also have maybe 2, 4 or greater surround sound speakers which go ahead and take number as much as 5, 7 or maybe more.

The second number following the decimal stage constantly refers back to the subwoofer device. Now a subwoofer is a suprisingly low regularity speaker which recreates the strong largemouth bass utilized for severe storms and explosions. It’s the pqzsfe that truly offers your house cinema encompass seem system that ‘thump’ that makes viewing films this kind of fun.

Occasionally your system could have 2 subwoofers or even more and in cases like this you may refer to your setup as 5.2 or 7.2. The choice of whether you need to use 2 or maybe more subwoofers is beyond the scope of the article but it is now getting quite normal on more expensive systems.


The last decision where setup is the best for you need to be a conversation you may have together with your home cinema professional because they are going to be able to give you advice very best once you provide them with enough details about your proposed setup and room problems.

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