Air supply systems are crucial subsystems in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems. Compressors are the key devices of air provide systems that greatly impact the characteristics of fuel cells. The simulation and experimental researches on a small centrifugal compressor with high rotation velocity happen to be introduced in this paper. First of all, the input guidelines of hydrogen compressor are obtained in accordance with the productivity energy and working stress of PEM fuel cells. Then, a prototype of little centrifugal compressors applied in PEM energy cellular material is made, simulated with the computational liquid dynamics (CFD) method, and tested in actual working conditions. Finally, the simulation results show the internal flow in compressors affects the performance highly. The release pressure from the simulation is close for the test information in the studied working conditions, and also the maximum error is less than 6%.

These days, power and environmental issues have strongly attracted the interest of researchers within these areas. Different clean energy technologies happen to be recommended and studied. As one highly efficient and clean energy technology, the polymer electrolyte membrane layer (PEM) energy cell continues to be studied recently. The substantial applications of PEM fuel cellular material focus on transport, dispersed/stationary, and portable power era.1 As well as the PEM fuel cell will become the most desirable option for power era in the 21st century.2

The air supply system is one of the vital subsystems in PEM energy cell techniques.3 The air provide system characteristics come with an important impact on the overall performance of PEM fuel cell techniques. Control techniques and the effect on the fuel cell output of the air supply system had been researched.4-7 In air provide techniques, compressors are the key gadgets that considerably impact the air provide system as well as the qualities of fuel cellular material.

Based on their operating principles, two kinds of compressors can be utilized inside the PEM energy cellular material, that is certainly, good displacement compressor and powerful compressor.

For good displacement compressors, screw and browse compressors were primarily selected and investigated in the PEM energy cell system. Thinking about the working environment specifications of PEM energy cellular material, the compressed air ought to be oil-free or with water. Hence, the oil-totally free and water-injected screw compressor was investigated to be utilized inside a 50 kW PEM fuel cell system.8, 9 The isentropic efficiency in the prototype compressor is 55%, with a discharge pressure of .2 MPa as well as a velocity of 9000 rpm. The water-injected scroll compressor was researched for any 30 kW PEM fuel cell with 5000 rpm.10-12 Qin et al.13 investigated the operating pressure influence on the overall performance of the 20 kW PEM fuel cell system based on the experimental performance of oxygen compressor. The outcomes show that the optimum system working pressure is about 1.2 atm. Pressure of air can be increased as much as 2 club effortlessly by screw and scroll compressors. Nevertheless the rotation speed in the attach and scroll compressors cannot be very high (generally lower than 10,000 rpm), which leads to the big volume and weight. Therefore, they are certainly not ideal for mobile devices really well.

As powerful compressors, centrifugal compressors are most likely best suited for PEM energy cells because they have this kind of characteristics as high speed (corresponding for the smaller sized volume and lighter in weight weight), low sound, higher effectiveness, and dependability. Therefore, many researchers have studied centrifugal compressors in numerous aspects.

Many researchers target the procedure of centrifugal compressors in energy cell techniques to improve the efficiency of PEM fuel cells and the balance of centrifugal compressors. Empirical models14, 15 of centrifugal compressors had been introduced, and the readily available models had been assessed with the experimental data. The powerful model of a centrifugal compressor competent at system simulator inside the virtual analyzed computational environment was introduced,16 which provided various compressor deficits. Plus it can be used to almost any centrifugal compressor and fuel cell system. A semi-mechanical and semi-imperial air provide system design according to centrifugal air compressors was established for any 150 kW PEM fuel cell engine.3, 5 Experimental and simulator results show the air provide system has great precision and celerity for that air compressor manage. A vehicle energy cell system using a two-stage turbo-compressor for air provide was investigated, as well as the results show that the two-stage turbo-compressor using a turbo-expander can significantly impact overall system power and effectiveness.17 Hu et al.18, 19 studied the optimization of speed reaction of air compressor for hydrogen energy cell car thinking about the transient current. Along with a new velocity regulation control technique (the transient current shot manage method) was recommended.

Surge and stall are the vital qualities in the centrifugal compressor.20, 21 Azizi et al.22 analyzed the stall/surge of a multiple-stage compressor in a crossbreed strong oxide energy cell-gas turbine system. The results show that the compressor supplies a suffered air stream rate throughout the mild stall/surge occasion. Godard et al.23 analyzed the rise characterization of the centrifugal compressor for fuel cell, as well as the compressor surges abruptly without any pre-stall exercise at a high rotation speed. An agglomerate design is launched, along with a energy cell system model such as a dynamic compressor is applied. The outcomes indicate that this o2 concentration is most highly impacted by the surge evolution in the compressor.24 Laghrouche et al.25 proposed a load governor based on constrained extremum looking for PEM fuel cell o2 hunger and compressor rise safety, as well as the scheme was verified by experiment. A fuzzy reasoning manage solution was recommended for your compressor group providing an embedded 5 kW PEM fuel cell system.

A number of research target the style, performance optimization, and new bearings of oxygen generator. A nonlinear autoregressive moving average with exogenous inputs design to have an air compressor of PEMFC system was recognized,26 and features a tiny fitted error. Wan et al.14 investigated the enhanced empirical parameters style way of iugjby compressors in PEM energy cell vehicle programs. And also the water-moisturized having for top-speed centrifugal compressors was studied by Ren et al..27, 28 The performance of centrifugal compressors for any energy cell was enhanced using aerodynamic optimisation and information mining techniques.29

A number of these research on centrifugal compressors found in PEM fuel cellular material are worried using the working performance and manage ways of centrifugal compressors in PEM fuel cell systems. This study presents the structural parameters of any little high-velocity centrifugal compressor for PEM energy cellular material, and the primary factors impacting the performance of compressors are talked about. The performance of the compressor is assessed through the CFD method. And it is confirmed through the ways of try things out. The results of this papers can be the recommendations for your R&D of little higher-speed centrifugal compressors.

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