The 23rd Psalm begins with “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” The happiness of realizing that He is my shepherd is overwhelming. To know that He manages me and leads me into limitless opportunities brings a self-confidence which is displayed with excitement and joy. My Shepherd will not drive me, but leads me into each new day. I do not fear tomorrow for I know who holds it. There is no wanting within my life, for He is every thing I would ever want. Even Read This have already been determined by Him. He leads me beside the living water of His Word. This water refreshes and renews me. He renews my mind each day with similar energy of the day before. As I enter the new day, the road of right living awaits my arrival. I will stroll in His ways and signify His Kingdom that His name may be magnified.

If there actually comes a period by which I deal with death by persecution, or accident, or health problems, I will not fear the experience, for my Shepherd will not forsake me. He or she is there to comfort me together with his staff of preservation along with his rod of safety. When my opponents surround me, He readies a religious feast for me personally to enjoy, whilst the unrighteous remain in need of assistance. I am blessed to obtain His anointing that overflows from the top of my head to the base of my feet.

As my Shepherd leads me, I am going to be surrounded with goodness and mercy that can accompany me all of the events of my life. To top this away, I am going to worship Him in His house location throughout all eternity!

Anytime I read the Scripture, I read it as if this had been dealt with to me. I bring it individually. In each and every tale that is certainly related, I picture myself becoming there. I am in the Red Sea parting. I am with David as he flees from Saul. I am just with Jonah in the ship to Tarshish. I am just around the hillside listening to Jesus’ lessons. I am in the fishing boat with all the disciples if the thunderstorm arrives. I am just inside the Top Space around the day the Sacred Spirit arrives upon His disciples. Whenever we allow yourself to discover the Scriptures, it is going to generate a life transforming encounter. After I view the nails driven into Jesus hands and listen to Him say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” I really feel He is saying that for me. It is actually like He sees right through me, learning how I actually have been unsuccessful Him, yet He forgives me. I feel a discomfort within my part when they pierce my Savior while on the go across. I am just there on the road to Emmaus using the two disciples who have been wrongly identified as the events of that day till Christ opened up their knowing. They could later on proclaim how their hearts and minds burned within them as He opened up the Word. I can feel brdqfa they did since the Holy Mindset opens up my understanding towards the Scriptures.

The Bible is not literature, but is definitely the residing, written Term of The lord. It is as as much as date since the Alivechristians. God continues to be talking through His Word; we just have to listen! When I read and feel the Scripture, I read it as God’s individual Book sent just to me. Learn to bring it individually, for this is really God’s Term for you personally.

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