The reason why Micro switch known as a Micro switch? Since it switches uAmps? Not really. It is more common to switch several Amps. Due to its size? It is very sketchy what is considered big and what is already small. Then why so? Most likely because the first producer was the American business known as Micro switch. And as the products were very popular, the name Unionwell Switch became a generic trademark for all producers.

The company Micro switch was obtained by Honeywell in 1950. And Honeywell registered the brand Micro switch. Other manufacturers used the name Click-Action switch or Fundamental switch. Nevertheless the concern nevertheless continues to be why the founding father of the organization, Mr. Schulte, chose to name his company Micro switch? Because they switched Micro-amps? Perhaps not since in 1937 the Micro-amps did not even exist. Because of their miniature measurements? Probably yes, during that time they may be regarded as small.

And precisely what is that Micro switch? It is an electric switch (trademarked in 1932) that is actuated by hardly any physical pressure. Switching happens at particular roles of the actuator (nothing like other switches). Relatively small motion at the actuator button generates a fairly large motion on the electrical contacts, which happens at high-speed (whatever the velocity of actuation). Common sturdiness originates from 1 to 10 millions of periods. This sturdiness is actually a all-natural results of the design.

Micro switches are certainly not operated by individual; it will always be some moving portion of the equipment. Common programs are detection (e.g. crammed paper in photocopier, the existence of material or product). Other program can be a restrict switch (for charge of machine resources) or doorway switch (e.g. refrigerator).

And which one can we enjoy by far the most? We love the Marquardt Micro switches. probably the most. Why? Because it is that Marquardt that produces digital keys for Mercedes, Volkswagen and other high quality cars which Marquardt that creates switches for blue Bosch electrical resources. That is why.

Marquardt has a great range of Micro switches. Three fundamental sizes – small (Collection 1005 and 1080, width about 28mm), subminiature (Collection 1050, width about 20mm) and ultra subminiature (Collection 1055, size 13mm).

We choose the right terminals and the correct type of actuator:


– Directly PCB pins

– Angled PCB pins

– Soldering eyelets

– Quick connect (Faston)

– Wires


– Pin plunger

– Directly handle

– Roller lever

– Simulated curler

– Springtime handle

The most important thing when using Micro switches? To start with, load dimension and kind. Some types of load have higher inrush present. E.g. relay has 5 times greater inrush present than nominal, engine 10 times, incandescent light 15 times and solenoid even 20 times. On the other hand, for changing small loads, usually do not use Unionwell Switch for high currents. We recommend utilizing Micro switch with gold coated connections.

For severe environment (dirt and moisture), please use Micro switches with greater Ip address ranking (up to IP67). We suggest applying a contact defensive circuit to extend contact durability, prevent noise, and suppress the era of carbide or nitric acidity because of arc. Utilizing a contact protective circuit may delay the reaction duration of the burden. Types of this kind of circuits:

-RC Circuit – in techniques with power source of 24-48V, it really is effective to get in touch the Radio controlled circuit in parallel to the load. Once the power supply voltage is 100-200V, then in parallel to the connections (in this case when AC is switched, the load impedance should be less than the R and C impedance)

-Varistor – making use is much like RC circuit, despite these conditions when in parallel to load or contacts. Varistor makes sure that no higher-voltage is imposed in the connections.

-Diode – power kept in the coil is altered into current by the diode connected in parallel for the weight. Then your current moving towards the coil is ingested and Joule heat is produced by the level of resistance from the inductive weight. The diode should withstand a peak inverse voltage 10 times greater than the circuit voltage and a forward current as high as or greater than the load present.

-Diode and Zener diode – this method is going to be efficient when the reset time hold off brought on by the diode method is too much time. Zener voltage for a Zener diode must be about 1.2 times greater than the energy source.

Ensure that the working entire body will continue to work smoothly. The design of it should be circular or oblique – to stop shocks for the actuator. And naturally, operate the actuator of any hinge roller handle or simulated hinge handle kind through the right (correct) direction.

Ensure that the stroke towards the actuator is placed not to surpass the complete travel place. Or even, the operating entire body might damage the actuator or even the switch itself, as well as the anxiety placed on the moving springtime within the switch increases and after that, the oaglhk from the switch may be deteriorated.

And some more information – never to tighten up the screws a lot of – never to deform your body of the switch. Or when soldering, modify the quantity of solder so the flux does not enter the switch, it may cause contact malfunction.

Try out the Marquardt Unionwell Switch. A terrible option can move you forward. However it costs time and money. Perhaps these suggestions can help you reduce your cost and a few time.

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