Stephen A. Adams is the author of kid’s publications, fiction and display publications. They can be read and enjoyed by all the family. Written from your cardiovascular system, these are about intimate activities, teenage relationships, and kid’s mysteries.

A Girl And A Boy – the latest book by Stephen A. Adams – informs a story of two children, Susan and Stephen. Susan is the more outbound and exciting. Should they be getting into trouble, it can usually be Susan who becomes them there. However, when they are planning to have some fun, Susan would be the ringleader, and also the initially one to arrive.

Stephen is actually a year older, and would like to consider he is the more responsible. He certainly begins feeling protective of his friend. However, he quickly realises she can look after herself. One factor is certain, their friendship will lead in to a connection.The story begins with Susan aged 5 in hospital, she has possible concussion, and she barges in to a room where lies a quarantined boy, Stephen. The book finishes with her contemplating her future with him when she actually is 18. There are numerous activities and mysteries involved inside these many years, which excite and let the lives of this young pair. Provided are robbery, kidnapping, physical violence, and murder.

All of which deliver both nearer with each other.The manuscript has several situations where the two principals consider the tale back and forth over time. Occasionally keeping in mind occasions from many years ago, occasionally asking ‘I wonder if inside the future…..’ As the tale covers Susan and Stephen from your age groups of 5 to 18, it can hold the interest of, and excite, all ages. Center graders can identify with the young chapters, whilst seeking, obviously, to read the older material.

Younger Grownup visitors identify with the later on activities, whilst keeping in mind the way they had been inside the earlier items. And as for adults, they can remember how their kids acted throughout it all, as well as take advantage of the chapters which entail locations like Royal Albert Hallway, Kings Road Chelsea, as well as a hallucinatory sequence when Stephen speaks to Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon and Jim Belushi. It is actually entirely an pleasurable journey for the family.

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